Buy, Rent & Lease Calculator


Rent calculators help in evaluating different options available with you while going for a rental property. The tool helps to find how much rent you should pay. It will show you how much housing benefit and council tax benefit you should get. If you are paying house rent on a monthly basis, try out the following tool, to calculate how feasible it would be to purchase a house right away, with the existing burden of paying monthly installments to the bank coupled with the saddle of monthly rent.

Cost of Home Ownership
Purchase Price (Rs.)  
% to be financed %  
Down Payment Required (Rs.)  
Brokerage fee %  
Loan Processing fee %  
Stamp Duty %  
Other closing Expenses %  
Total Estimated Cost of Closing (Rs.)  
Amount To be Financed (Rs.)  
Fixed Rate Financing    
Term Of Loan in years  
Interest Rate %  
Monthly Payment (Rs.)  
Annual Cost Of loan (Rs.)  
Other Cost of  Home Ownership (Rs.)  
Annual Property Tax (Rs.)  
Annual Insurance Premium  
Total of Other Cost (Rs.)  
Net First Year Cost Of Home Ownership (Rs.)  
Rent to be Paid (Rs.)  
Deposit (Rs.)  
Interest On Deposit (Rs.)  
Tax Concession on Rent (Rs.)  
Net First year Cost Of Rent (Rs.)  

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